Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2008
in Palm Springs, CA

October 13, 2007

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The Judges

Dennis Cramer
Mr. Tool Shed 2003
Dennis Cramer, a retired architect, was Mr. Tool Shed 2003.  During his title year, he started the Annual Erotic Art Exhibit which to date for the last five years has provided over $10,000 for the Tool Shed Christmas Stocking Fund.  The event this year will be in February 2008.

Daddy Roger Gregg
Co-owner PSPC and Sister Honor Kremesalot
Daddy Roger has been a part of the leather community for 30 years.  He is the current board representative to ILSB for both So. CA and the Southwest Regions.  He has been involved with the contest aspect of the community since the early 1980's as a title holder, contest producer, sash widow or volunteer.  He was part of the IML class of 1995 when he represented Minnesota and since then has vended every year as either, Gauntlet, Gotharn or now as Palm Springs Piercing Company.  He now resides permanently here in Palm Springs where he and his partner are concentrating efforts on heir new business PSPC  Dubbed a "daddy" in the 90's by Daddy Alan Selby, he has graciously accepted the role of mentor and community developer.  You can now find him hard at work in the community as Sister Honor Neesalot a member of the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Andrew Hedley
Former So California Leather Sir
Born October 8, 1953 in Scotland, he was a sheep farmer before coming to the US in 2001.   He has lived in Palm Springs for 6 years and carries the title of Mr. S. CA Leather Sir.  He has a private dungeon which is purpoised to be the largest in Southern California.

Dane Luna
Dane Luna is the Current Secretary of PSLOD and has lived in Palm Springs for 6 years.   He has been an active PSLOD member for the last 4 years.  Dane has a partner of 26 years.  He and his partner like to workout at the gym, travel and meet new friends while on cruises.

Eric Mitchell
Current Mr. PS. Leather
Eric is 41 years old and bi-coastal having rown up in New England and come out in Florida.   He has the first leather experience there in 1990.  Going on his tenth year here in the valley, he has furthered his leather experience and involvement.  He has raised several thousand of dollars for the Desert ADS Project as well as a volunteer there. During his title year, he produced and assisted in many fund raisers for various local charities.


The Contestants (#3, #2 & #1)

#1 Jon Lopez
50 Years old, 5'6" 145 Pounds
Tatoos on his shoulders, back and calf.
Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has lived in Palm Springs for 1 year and 10 days.  He is a leather tailor, great bottom, sometimes top and into bondage, watersports, wax, needle play, flogging.  His interests are sewing, hiking, biking, flagging and producing fundraisers

#2 Mark Epoch ("Epic")
6'4" 215lbs Brown hair, Hazel Eyes and Pierced nipples
Mark moved to Palm Springs in April 2006 with a partner Andrew from Syracuse NY.  He bcame a member of PSLOD last January and started attending LA Leather Coalition meetings this past spring.  With the support and encouragement of his leather brothers, he became motivated to compete for the title of Mr. Tool Shed.

#3 Todd Metger
42 years old, 6'0" 190 lbs Brown hair and eyes, 2 tats and one piercing
Todd Metzger is married to a wonderful loving and supportive man Scott.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he moved to Palm Springs to be with his husband in March of this year. He is self employed, owning his own cleaning business.  Loves dogs, body building, playing pool, wearing leather and representing the gay community.

#1 Jon Lopez

#2 Mark Epoch

#3 Todd Metger

in the audiance









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Other Title Holders








Winning order:

Winner:  #2 Mark Epoch
2nd runner up:  #1 Jon Lopez
1st runner up:  #3 Todd Metger






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