Friday, May 28th, 1999

The Contestants Pick their numbers

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Frank and Cougar

The Judges minus one

One of the Judges got stuck in the elevator

#33 Greg Adams

Mr. Suncoast Eagle

Suncoast Resort Hotel

St. Petersburg, FL

#36 Bob "Woofer" Ainsworth

Mr. Kentucky Leather

Kentucky Leather Productions

Newport, KY

#46 David Allen

Mr. Maryland Leather 99


Baltimore, MO

#42 John Paul Becker

Mr. Michigan Leather

The Cell

Walker, MI

#50 Scott Begg

Mr. Chicago Leather

Touche/Male Hide Leathers

Chicago IL

#10 Len Biggerstaff

Mr. Iowa Leather 99

Blazing Saddle, IA

Des Moines, IA

#1 Dale Breunig

Mr. Palm Springs Leather 99

Palm Springs/Leather Order of the Desert

Palm Springs, CA

#11 Buck Burks

Mr. Detroit Eagle 98/99

Detroit Eagle

Detroit, MI

#34 Den Calkins

Mr. Alameda County Leather 98

Alameda County Leather Corps.

San Lorenzo, CA

#40B.J. Cavnor

Mr. Powerhouse Leather 99

The Powerhouse

San Francisco, CA

#51 Bruce Chopnik

Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather 98/99

KMA Productions

Denver, CO

#6 Ken Claude

Mr. Texas Leather 99

Dallas Eagle

Houston, TX

#41 Michael Cook

Mr. D B Leather 99

Dixie Bell Saloon/KC Pioneers/The Leather Shop

Kansas City, MO

#29 Jarrad Doak

Mr. MO Leather 99

Gateway M.C., Inc. and Barbdwyr

St Louis, MO

#18 Patrice (Patrick) Elie

Mr. Leather Montreal

MC. Faucon

Montreal, Quebec Canada

#30 Michael Fowler

Mr. Austin Leather 98/99

Chain Drive

Austin, TX

#49 Scott Garrett

Mr. Louisiana Leather 99

The Lords of Leather

New Orleans, LA

#19 Mike Harglss

Mr. San Diego Leather 99

San Diego Leather Leadership Coalition

San Diego, CA

#25 Stan Harrell

Master of Leather, Houston Leather Alternative

Leather Alternatives

Houston, TX

#21 Merlin Holm

Mr. Texas Howlin' Wolf 99

Warrior Wolves

Houston, TX

#48 Chris Holmgren

Mr. Leatherman Toronto 99

Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition, Inc.

Toronto, Canada

#2 Donald Hood

Mr. Oregon State Leather 98/99

Blackout Leather Productions

Portland, OR

#38 Robert Isava

Mr. South Atlantic Leather

Fullmoon Saloon

Orlando, FL

#5 Laren Lanbdin

Mr. Eagle NYC 99

The Eagle's Nest

New York, NY

#15 David McAvoy

Mr. Central Valley Leather

Knights of MALTA-Yosemite Chapter

Fresno, CA

#17 Greg Miller

The Oxford Hotel

East Sydney, Australia

#24 Glenn Mlaker

Mr. DC Eagle 99

DC Eagle

Washington, DC

#16 Sal

Mr. Upstate New York Leather 98/99

Utica Tri's M.C.

Utica, NY

#4 Allen Pfannenstiel

Mr. New Mexico

Sandia Leatherman

Albuquerque, NM

#13 Ric Poston

Mr. Oklahoma Leather 99

Tulsa uniform & Leather Seekers Association

Tulsa, OK

#52 Kevin Joseph Powers

Mr. Cell Block/Male Hide Leather

Cell Block/Male Hide Leathers

Chicago, IL

#45 Robert Price

Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 99

Santa Clara County Leather 99

San Jose, CA

#43 Sean Reilly

Mr. Piston Leather 99

Pistons Bar LIM.LIA. Co.

Long Beach, CA

#31 John Rochat

Mr. Russian River Leather 99

River Business Incorporated

Guerneville, CA

#14 Derick Rojos

Mr. Baltimore Eagle

Baltimore Eagle

Baltimore, MD

#9 Dean Ross

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 99, Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull 99

The Washington Centaurs, Washington DC

and the Ottawa Knights, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

#28 Rob Sheers

Mr. Leather Europe 98, Mr. Drummer Europe, 98

Loge 70

Antwerp, Belgium

#8 William Schindler

Mr. Los Angeles Leather 99

Faultline Bar

Los Angeles, CA

#26 Joshua Smith

Mr. Minnesota Leather

Minnesota Leather Productions, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN

#20 Richard (Ric) Sullivan

Mr. Western Michigan Leather


Kalamazoo, MI

#32 Glennon Sutter

Mr. Stompers Boots

Stompers Boots

San Francisco, CA

#44 James Tharp

Mr. 501 Tavern 99

Basic Leather

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Werner Tillinger

Mr. San Francisco Leather 99

Mr San Francisco Leather/Mr. S. Leather Co

San Frnacisco, CA

#37 Jim Tucker

Mr. Leather Michigan

Mr. Leather Michigan

Taylor, MI

#47 Kimo Walker

Mr. Hawaii Leather 99

Conquistadors M.C., Orlando, FL

Aloha Leather Club, Honolulu, HI

#22 Mark Withrow

Mr. Triangle 98/99

Triangle Denver

Denver, CO

#23 John Zimmerman


The Lure

New York, NY


#12 Dirk Grundmann

German Mr. Leather 99

Berlin Leder und Fetisch E.V.

Hanover, Germany

The Boot Blacks

Some of the Key People that put on IML 99

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