IML Contestants

May 26 to 30, 2005

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In order, by number

1    Eric Hinsch, Mr. Indiana Falcon 2005 Indiana Falcons, Indianapolis, IN

2    Sean Offutt, Mr. Triangle 2005, Denver Triangle Bar, Denver, CO

3    Mark Odom, Mr. Gay Naturists International Leather 2004, Gay Naturists International, The Wild Fyre Society (Scorch), Ft. Lauderdale, FL

4    Roberto Menichetti, Mr. Leather Europe 2004, Toys4Boys, Antwerp, Belgium, Argos, Amsterdam, Netherlands

5    Kurt Hillyer, Mr. Alaska Leather, The Last Frontier Men's Club, Anchorage, AK

6    Nigel Thomas, Mr. DMC Sydney, Dolphin Motorcycle Club Inc./ Kamal Leather / Radical Leather, Sydney, NSW Australia

7    John Tatum, Leatherman of color 2005, People of Leather Organization, Chicago, IL

8    Joe Bolyard, Mr. Mountain Leather, Mountain State Knights/ Dogpound Productions/ Georgeous, Charleston, WV

9    Jeff Willoghby, Mr. Chicago Leather 2005, Touche, Chicago, IL

10    Drake McSherry, Mr. Harbor Room, Harbor Room, Milwaukee, WI

11    Lou Sedlacek, Mr. Texas Leather 2005, Dallas Eagle/Leather by Boots/ Dallas TX, The Cowtown Leathermen/ The Corral Club, Ft Worth TX

12    Ken Johnson, Mr. SA Eagle 2005, SA Eagle/The Annex / The Saint, San Antonio, TX

13    Loren Wilson, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2005, Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, Palm Springs, CA

14    Mark Lager, Mr. CMEN Leather 2004, California Men Enjoying Naturism West Hollywood, CA

15    Steve Ranger, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2005, Centaur MC, Washington DC

16    Mason Alexander, Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2005, Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association, Tulsa/ NLA-OKC/ The Finish Line, Oklahoma City, OK

17    Richard Soulsby, Mr. Hoist London 2005, The Hoist London, United Kingdom

18    Thomas Roshka, Mr. Leather Colorado 2005, Mr. Leather Colorado Foundation/ Leroy Souza, Denver, CO

19    Sean Cribbin, Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2005, Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition, Inc. , Toronto, Ontario

20    Jeff Hettinger, Mr. North Coast Leather 2005, Rainbow Cattle Company/ Russian River Resort/ Alan Clark/ Guerneville, CA, BLACKTOP, San Francisco, CA

21    Scott Jones, Mr. DC Eagle 2005, DC Eagle, Washington, DC

22    Chris Scherrer, Mr. Wrangler Leather 2005, Denver Wrangler, Denver, CO

23    Wayne Toole, Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather 2005, Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

24    Robert Valin, Mr. Eagle NYC 2005, The Eagle NYC, New York, NY

25    Jay Harcourt, Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2005, Marlena's Bar, San Francisco, CA

26    Craig Anderson, Mr. Detroit Eagle 2005, The Detroit Eagle, Detroit, MI

27    Ruben Gailegos, Mr. Rio Grande Leather 2005, Rio Grande Leather, Albuquerque, NM

28    Clay Angus, Mr. Cleveland Leather 2005, Laws Leather Shop, Cleveland, OH

29    Andy Mangels, Mr. Oregon State Leather 2004, Blackout Leather Productions, Portland OR

30    Wes Kassulke, Mr. Midwest Leather 2005, One Flight UP, Dubuque, IA

31    Shawn Carroll, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2005, Ottawa Knights, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

32    Dodger Allen, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2005, Mr. San Francisco Leather Committee, Inc/ The Powerhouse Bar, San Francisco, CA

33    Mitch Schulte, Mr. Padlock Leather 2005, Padlock/ Tuff Stuff Leatherware/ Kehold Fantasywear, Phoenix, AZ

34    Georges Schott, German Mr. Leather 2005, BLF Berlin Leder und Fetisch, Berlin, Germany,

35    Angel Rodriguez, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2005, Minneapolis Eagle, Minneapolis, MN

36    George Brown Jr. Cell Block/ Caliber Leatherman 2005, Cell Block and Caliber Leather, Chicago, IL

37    Alan J Bowers, MD, Mr. Louisiana Leather 2005, Lords of Leather Inc., New Orleans, LA

38    Jim Maciel, Mr. Boston Leather 2005, The Ramrod/ The PX/ MgLeather/FLAG, Boston, MA

39    Adam Scott Latham, Mr. San Diego Leather 2004, San Diego Leather Pride Committee / GreyRose Productions / Ringold Alley / Marquis of Leather, San Diego, CA

40    Ken Ballard, Mr. Iowa Leather 2005, Blazing Saddle, Des Moines, IA

41    Stephen Seefeidt, Mr. Northwood's, Argonauts of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI

42    Steve Cather, Mr. MD Leather 2005, C.O.M.M.A.N.D. MC, Baltimore, MD

43    John Yant, Mr. Bolt Leather 2004/2005, The Bolt, Sacramento, CA

44    Will Castillo, Mr. Florida Leather 2005, Mr. FL Leather Inc./LeatherWerks, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

45    Daniel Reed, Mr. Leather Cowboy 2005, Diamond Jim's Saloon/L.I.F.E./D.A.R.K. Weekend, Detroit, MI

46    Randy Wrisinger, Mr. Dixie Belle Leather 2005, DB Complex/ The Leather Shop/ KC Pioneers, Kansas City, MO

47    Keith Richardson, Mr. Missouri Leather 2005, Gateway MC. Inc, St Louis, MO

48    Bill Hawk, Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2005, The Bike Stop, Philadelphia, PA

49    Michael Egdes, Mr. Ramrod 2004, Ramrod, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

50    Gene Romaine, Washington State Mr. Leather 2004, Washington State Mr. Leather Organization, Seattle, WA

51    Raymond "Cody" Haugland, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2005, Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Los Angeles, CA

52    Tie James, Mr. Alameda County Leather 2004, Alameda County Leather Corps, Castro Valley, CA

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