The Contest,

Sunday, May 25th, 03

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Top 20 Contestants:





















The winners to  be announced at 11pm, Central time!!!

2nd runner up:  #52
1st runner up:  #14
Winner:  #31

Boot Black Winner:  #11, Richie

Contestant list

#1 Mark Bozif
Mr. Missouri Leather 2003
Gateway MC, Inc./JJ's Clubhouse & bar/Barbdwyr
St. Louis, MO

#2 Paul Ciantar
Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2003
Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition, Inc
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

#3 David "Mack" McCall
Mr. Oregon State Leather 2002
Blackout Leather Productions
Portland, OR

#4 Mike Sinnott
Mr. Edmonton Leather 2002
Northern Chaps/B&D Emporium
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

#5 Don James
Mr. Indiana Falcon 2003
Indiana Falcons/501 Eagle
Indianapolis, IN

#6 Gordon Alexander
Mr. BC Leather
Bent Events, Inc.
Vancouver, BC Canada

#7 Randy Leask
Mr. Leather Nebraska 2002
JL Sosa Productions
Omaha, NE

#8 Eric Kuzminski
Mr. Maryland Leather 2003
Baltimore MD

#9 Removed by Request
Mr. Cleveland Leather 2003
Laws Leather Shop/Tool Shed/CrossoverBar
Cleveland, OH

#10 Brian Kurtela
Mr. Central California Leather 2002-03
Knights of Malta, Yosemite Chapter, The Red Lantern, The north Tower Circle, The den of Fresno/Faces Night Club of Sacramento, CA

#11 Mike Tully
Mr. Eagle NYC 2003
Mr. Eagle NYC
New York, NY

#12 Richie Johnson
Oklahoma Mr. Leather
Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association of Tulsa, OK of Los Angeles, CA

#13 Mario Bourgeois
Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather 2003
Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Society of Halifax, Nova Scotia/Triangles of Monoton, New Brunswick Canada

#14 Donald Dotson
Mr. Suncoast Eagle 2003
Suncoast Resort Hotel/Tampa Bay Leather Co.
St  Petersburg, FL

#15 Ken G. Morgan
Mr. Las Vegas Leather 2001
Leather Uniform Club of Las Vegas, Inc/ Rapped in Leather
Las Vegas, NV

#16 Larry Barat
Mr. DC Eagle 2003
DC Eagle, Inc.
Washington DC

#17 Alvin York
Mr Mid Atlantic Leather 2003
Centaur MC
Washington, DC

#18 Fernando Manzali
Mr. Leather Europe 2002
Moto Leather Club Veneto
Vicenza, Italy

#19 Roger "Buch" Arnold
Mr. Olympus Leather 2002
Pantheon of Leather
Los Angeles, CA

#20 Michael Johns
Mr. Michigan Leather
The Dunes Resort of Douglas MI
Mr. Michigan Leather of Grand Rapids, MI

#21 Jim Kiley Zufeit
Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2003
The Bike Stop
Philadelphia, PA

#22 Dave Thomas
Mr. Florida Leather
Mr. Florida Leather/Leatherwerks
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

#23 Adrian Williams
Cell Block-Malehide Leatherman 2003
Cell Block
Chicago, IL

#24 John Grisamore
Mr. Alameda County Leather
Alameda County Leather Corps
Castro Valley, CA

#25 Anthoney Perkins
Mr. Kansas Leather 2003
Wichita Organization of leather Fetishes
Wichita, KS

#26 Troy Anicete
Mr. San Francisco Leather 2003
Mr. San Francisco Leather Committee, Inc./The Powerhouse Bar
San Francisco, CA

#27 Gordon D. Hitchcock
Mr. Leather Cowboy
Diamond Jim's Saloon
Detroit, MI

#28 Robert Claiffle, Jr.
Mr. Boston Leather
Ramrod/The PX
Boston, MA

#29 Mark Coiley
Mr. Louisiana Leather 2003
Lords of Leather of New Orleans
Hibiscus Bookstore of Baton Rouge, LA

#30 Kurt Pierce
Mr. Pistons Leather 2003
Pistons Bar, LLC
Long Beach, CA

#31 John Pendal
Mr. Hoist 2003
The Hoist
London, United Kingdom

#32 Walt Weiss
Mr. Lure 2002
New York City, NY

#33 Andy Schaidler
Mr. Northwoods 2002
Argonauts of Wisconsin
Green Bay, WI

#34 Joseph Beach
Mr. South Plains Leather 2003
South Plains Leather
Dallas, TX

#35 Jim Sullivan
Mr. Padlock 2003
Padlock Bar
Phoenix, AZ

#36 Don Mentink
Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2003
Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert/Tool Shed Bar of Palm Springs
The Barracks Bar of Cathedral City, CA

#37 Leo Suarez
Mr. Leather Mexico 2002
Ernesto's Mexican Food
Sacramento, CA

#38 Scot Howard
Mr. North Coast Leather 2003
Russian River Eagle
Guerneville, CA

#39 Rick Sullivan
Mr. Triangle 2003
Triangle Denver/CJ's Leather
Denver, CO

#40 Wayne Fleshman
Mr. Mountain Leather
Mountain State Knights/The Tap Room
Castro Valley, CA

#41 Gregg White
Mr. Minneapolis Eagle
Minneapolis Eagle
Minneapolis, MN

#42 Douglas Connors
Mr. Leather Ottowa-Outaouais 2003
Ottawa Knights
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

#43 Juan Zazueta
Mr. Deaf San Diego Leather 2002-3
Macleo Sexy Leather/San Diego League of Gentlemen
San Diego, CA

#44 Buz Lawson
Master of Leather 2002
Masters of Leather, INc/Out BC Productions
Houston, TX

#45 Lailo
Mr. Leather Italy 2003
Leather Club Roma EOMC
Roma, Italy

#46 Shane Roberts
Mr. Leather Michigan
R&R/Jason Woods
Detroit, MI

#47 Zak Marquardt
Mr. Dixie Belle Leather 2002
DB Warehouse/The Leather Shop
Kansas City, MO

#48 Mike Dumont
Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2003
San Francisco, CA

#49 Samuel James Bacon
Mr. San Diego Leather 2003
San Diego Leather Pride Committee
San Diego, CA

#50 Peter Hagenauer
German Mr. Leather
BLF Berlin Leder und Fetisch
Berlin Germany

#51 Dennis G. Mascher
Mr. Tri-State Leather
Tri State Leather/Serpent Bar
Cincinnati, OH

#52 Stephen Blackwell
Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2003
Los Angeles Leather Coalition of West Hollywood, CA
Gauntlet II of Los Angeles, CA

#53 Vincent Edd
Mr. Ebony Leather 2002
Mr. Ebony Leather
Chicago, IL

#54 Removed by request
Bavarian Mr. Leather 2003
MLC Muenchen/Spexter Erotic Store
Munich, Bavaria Germany

#55 Terry Hilbert
Mr. Iowa Leather
The Blazing Saddle
Des Moines, IA

#56 Ken Flegel
Mr. Texas Leather 2003
Dallas Eagle/Leather by Boots
Dallas, TX

#57 Philippe Josset
Mr. Ft Lauderdale Eagle 2003
Ft Lauderdale Eagle/Hardware Leather Inc.
Ft Lauderdale, FL

#58 Peter Mitchell
Mr. Detroit Eagle 2003
The Detroit Eagle
Detroit, MI

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