Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2013

Palm Springs, CA

October 13, 2012

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Alex Ironrod
Alex is a writer, actor and director adn a Leather Sir.  When he opens his mouth you can tell he came from Britain originally, but he's a longtime Southern Californian who now has settled happily into Palm Springs.  Alex has 8 BDSM books published and #9 is due out by the end of the year - Leather Days continues the non-stop adventures of two LAPD homicide detectives and lovers.  You'll find him in the Authors Village in the PS Gay Pride Festival in a couple of weeks and he's a veteran of MAL, CLAW, IML and other Leather events as a speaker.  For a change of pace, he's achieving his ambition to play Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" on stage here from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  He's looking forward to "booting-up" for Leather Pride Weekend and says all this is possible only with the support of his partner Hank and their boy, Butch and Dungeon.

Paul Johnson
Paul has been a leather artist and craftsman for 26 years.  He began his career in Boston at Innovations in Leathers.  In 1993, he moved to San Francisco and was hired by Mister S Leather where he worked for 12 years.   There he learned from many talented people and refined his craft.  For the last 7 years, he has been producing custom leather garments at his business, Off Ramp Leathers.  He has outfitted contestants for many leather events, including the IML 2012 contest.  He's been asked to design numerous club and title patches, where his artistry is highly praised.  Paul actively supports our community events with his donations of leather items for auction and through Off Ramp Leathers' sponsorship of fundraisers at our local watering holes

Thomas Oliva
Thomas is a resident of Palm Springs for the last 3 years with his Partner Richard.  He is Mr. Streetbar Leather 2012, was the first runner up in the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest 2012 and is an active member of PSLOD.

Todd Peter
Todd is Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2012 and Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2012.  He began is exploration into the leather scene when he first descended the stairs in the New York City's infamous "Mineshaft" nearly thirty years ago.  Even though he is from a small town in South Alabama, He often says he grew up in NYC.  Living in the West Village from 1982 until 1997, he lived in a community where we were on the front line of the AIDS epidemic and battled it everyday.   He found friendship, brotherhood and support in the leather community and the many leather bars that New York City had at that time.  Palm Springs has been his home since 2004 and he appreciates living in such a vibrant and diverse gay community.  He knows that this is the town where he belongs.

George Puddephatt
is President of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) and has been a proud member of the Leather community for 30 years.  He has volunteered, sponsored, produced, judged and emceed leather contests and events at the International level and throughout California and the Southwest.  He is an associate member of several Leather, Biker and Bear clubs.  A member of Mama's Family and a past Southland Honors and Pantheon nominee in the "Southern California Regional" and "Mand of the Year" categories.

Todd Metzger - Tally Master
No stranger to the world of leather, leather bars or leather contests.  Todd has been an active member of the leather community since 1989 when he attended his first International Mr. Leather.  For over 20 years, Todd has participated in, supported and volunteered for numerous leather events and fundraisers.   Todd has been a member of CLAW and PSLOD and has called Palm Springs his home since 2007.





Austin Calloway  5'11"   190lbs
Thermal, CA
Hobbies:  Artist/Painter, Hiking, camping and travel

Scott Smith  5'6"   179lbs
Palm Springs, CA
Hobbies:  Weightlifting, travel and sport bikes

James Jernigan  5'11"   276lbs
Palm Springs, CA
Hobbies:  Computer, Reading Gay Murder Mysteries, Romances, Cycling and Wearing & Collecting various kilts.

Bobby Whit  6'0"  200lbs
Riverside CA
Hobbies:  Gym, Horror movies and Reading




















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