Las Vegas to the Florida Keys

via motorhome

February 2 to March 4, 2004

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I started taking pictures in Phoenix where they were having their Monday underwear contest.  The EmCee was someone called (something) Lockheart. There were 8 contestants and all I remember is # 7 won.  What his name was.....I don't care either.  He was the one in the middle in the picture of 3.



I didn't really pay attention much because a guy named Tim was keeping me busy.  Oh what a hunk!  


The Next day, March 3rd we arrived in El Paso and stopped in at The San Antonio Mining Co.  Bought 2 drinks out on their patio and were very surprised at the price.  A beer and well was $3.25.  I guess we were paying for the ambiance because the happy hour bartender didn't seem to be that happy.  Later, we moved over to the inside part of the bar and Carlos was bartending there.  Nice guy, great personality.  See pic below.


After leaving El Paso, we decided to go the extra 200 miles and pass up San Antonio.  I've been there before, it never was that great.  Actually, It has been the worst gay place I have ever been to.  If Wyoming was gay, that would make second!  We arrived in Houston late in the evening and went to the Ripcord.   It's always been a fun place to go.  It wasn't very busy, but not bad for a Wednesday.  We talked a lot to Mike our bartender who gave us a lot of advise about the city.  That's a good bartender! 

Met one of the customers, Gillion.  He kept standing against one of the walls and setting his tits on fire.  I was so amazed, I forgot to take pictures.  I was hoping to meet up with him the next evening to get a pic, but he never showed up.  He was probably a flaming queen anyway!

The next night was still in Houston.  Made our rounds to a lot of the bars.  First stop was Mary's.  Supposedly a leather bar, but more of a neighborhood bar with some country music occasionally played.  I've had plenty of fun times there, especially LUEY weekend!  That's on last years site.  John was bartending and always had a smile on his face.  I wonder what he was up to?    No good, I'm sure!  See pic below.


We needed something to eat so we went with one of the locals to Barnaby's.  Very nice "family" (gay) place.  Clean, deco looking and a very friendly staff.  Prices were reasonable and the food was great!  My only complaint was there was too much! 

Then, we went off to JR's.  Packed happy hour place.   Bartenders were way too busy to talk to.  The people seemed friendly, pool players even talked to us some.  Left there and went to the Montrose Mining Co.   Not much happy hour crowd so we thought we would check it out later.  Peeked in another bar across the street that was 2 stories high.  No name on it and it looked like a disco bar that would be busy later in the evening.  Walked over to Bricks, not a bad crowd but the smoke filled room forced us to leave right away. 

Evening time came around and went to BRB's.  Nice country bar, but they were doing karaoke.  I can't handle that.  Had a drink and left.   Only to find out, I was being stalked!  Later that evening I would find out who!  Back to the Montrose Mining Co. to check out the strippers.  Owwww Baby!   This one boy was really hung.  He had to keep fluffing it to keep it coke can size!  The other Blond boy wasn't bad either.  I remember him from last year where he made a few dollars on us as we checked out the goods.  Went back to the Ripcord and talked to Tom.  Quiet but friendly.  We had a mutual friend that he wanted to get in contact with, so I E mailed the info out to him later.  The next bartender on duty was Gary.  He takes many trips to Las Vegas and is friends with George at the Buffalo.  And look at the shirt he was wearing that night!  See pic below.


While BS-ing with my friends, I was being checked out by a hot guy from Lubbock TX.  Boy, they grow them big there!  He was only about 5'9", 25yo and thin.....BUT!!!!!!!   Sorry, no pics here!  I miss my photo journalistic skills at the worse times.  Yes, this was my stalker!!!

Later that night, there was another boy out for the hunt.  You choose which one!


Next stop was New Orleans.  Spent the night at the Phoenix Bar (literally) where they had their regular Friday night beer bust.  Here are the 2 guys working the bust.  The guy on the left takes your money and the one on the right gives you liquid pleasure!


Romadom (circular cruising in a very dark area) was going strong at the upstairs bar.  I naturally had to partake in the local customs!  No pictures here either.  I would have been killed if a flash went off.  Well as soon as their vision came back.

Later, downstairs, I ran into to friends of mine who used to live in Palm Springs, CA.  Don and Kim.


The next morning, we were off to Orlando.  On the way, I had to stop at the rest area that I was stuck in last June.  Hurricane Bill was hitting New Orleans and tornadoes were about 50 mi. up the road from the Chatahooche, FL Rest area off of I 10.  21 hours there until the weather was worse at the rest area then it was further up. 


Now in Orlando, we stop at the Parliament House for the night.   About 3 bars there and wouldn't you know it, they were having a Girth and Mirth convention!  Not even bears....These were the BIG boys! 



We spent most of the time at the bar called the Stable on the property of the Parliament house.  The crowd wasn't too bad there, lots of locals.   Bartenders were busy, so we didn't get to talk to them much.



Sunday morning we decided not to watch the BIG boys dance at the Tea Dance so we drove about 5 mi. to another bar called Hanks.  Our first early afternoon bartender was a lot of fun.  He put on some "educational" films and quizzed us during the show. 


Got to get a few shots of the locals there.



The second/night shift bartender came on and showed us something call a Helicopter.  There were red lights flashing and something spinning around, so I took the picture.


Then it was off to Fort Lauderdale.  Walked into the Ram Rod and heard someone screaming "Oh no!  Las Vegas people!"  Here Andrew is on the left.


Next day we went to the Alibi and had 2 of the greatest bartenders in Ft. Lauderdale.  Here is a pic of Mike and Billy.


While there, we harassed a few of the customers.


Then it was off to Key West.  85 degrees everyday.  Lots of sun and humidity.  I wore a tank top and shorts (yes shorts!  If you know me, that doesn't happen very often.  Last time I wore some was the last time I visited Florida!)  So, therefore, I didn't take any pictures of us or all the hot guys we watched at the beach or any of the resorts like Atlantic Shores.  This place was clothing optional, with a bar and on the Atlantic Ocean.  There were stairs leading to the ocean, but most were laying around the pool. 

When we left Key West and got to the Mainland, we took Hwy 41 which is a 2 lane highway with plenty of alligators around.  Last summer I drove through here and stopped, but never ran into an alligator.  This year I saw plenty!   I took this picture on the shoreline of this pond, trying to get the closest picture I could get.


Then, after taking the picture, I looked down at my feet.   About 2 feet away was this alligator laying next to me.  Opps!  I slowly backed away and took his pic too!



OK, time for a drink!   Went to the Suncoast Resort, which I highly recommend.  They have like 5 bars, restaurant, tennis, volleyball and etc.  (don't forget the etc.!)  Had a great time at their Eagle bar with Mike.   We talked about many things to do here and around the area. 


At the Suncoast, they were having a "free" concert with Anita Ward.  If you remember, she sang songs like:  Ring my Bell.  I got a great shot of her on stage while singing. 


It was in the disco bar of the Suncoast and the crowd was really jamming with her!


Then after the show, everyone was invited to take a picture with her and talk.  She seemed very nice and it was great that the Suncoast was able to book her.  Here is some pics of Mike, then John and then me (Dale) with her.




John, one of my traveling friend for the past XX years sometimes gets a little carried away.  He seen some drag queen and he gets wild.


Next thing I know, she's in the back of the Eagle "workin out" as she put it!





Now, of course, I can't be out done too much, so I joined in the festivities.



Sunday afternoon, February 15th, and every Sunday is Tea Dance at Suncoast.  In the courtyard/poolside, which is probably about an acre in size, is where 100's of people are dancing and partying. 


Then of course, I had to run into a bartender JOE, from Snicks in Las Vegas.  He was out partying with a couple of other friends from LV. 


Then some of the Ft. Lauderdale boys we met earlier in the trip were there.  Billy the bartender from The Alibi is on the left.  You saw his pic earlier.


The softball team was there.  Here are some of the losers that didn't want to talk much about the game.  But, if these were the losers......I want to see the winners!!!!!  (these guys aren't so bad?)


Back on the road Monday morning and drove North to Dade City where we stayed at a gay campground called The Sawmill.  There were plenty of Ducks, trails, and etc.  (again, don't forget the etc.)  We started out at the pool bar where there were about 10 guys laying out and about half of the naked. 



Later we made it down to the night time bar which never got busy because it was a Monday night but it did keep my interest.


This Florida Mountain boy (David)....(elevation about 300 ft. ...The mountain that is.) was fun to talk to.  Told a few campfire stories around a campfire and said our good-byes.


I have more pictures of him, but he didn't want me to put them on the site.  If he ever reconsiders, they will be on my adult site:  * Adult Check Required (Click here to see other X sites)

Next stop was Pensacola, FL.  No pictures here, I spared you.   I must admit that the people were very friendly.  Just not my type.  A couple hours later we left for Mobil, Alabama.  We just missed all the parades that went on earlier.  Nearly all the bars were completely empty.  We did stop at one of them (can't remember the name) and made our own party.  The Bartender was a lot of fun and the DJ was there playing music.  Here is the DJ, John (one of my traveling friends) and the Bartender.


No one knew, but there was a show planned.  Didn't get a name, but just remember the face.  I'm sure he's going places!


The following day, it was off to New Orleans!  I usually stay near the Phoenix bar because parking is about the best in the area.  Not to mention, it's a very fun bar!  Here is a picture of one of their butch bartenders "Erick"just going with the flow of Mardi Gras.


Around the corner and about a block away, is Cowpokes bar.  A Large bar with a dance floor and even has a theater in the back.  People are always friendly at this country bar.  Here is Marvin and the owner Rex. 


Across the street from the Phoenix is a disco bar called Matrixxx.   Brand new bar, just opened up.  Even has a outside patio upstairs.  Could be considered a balcony.  Here is a pic of the owner Jerald, Charlotte (bartender), Isaac (bartender/manager) and the other owner Richard.


Friday Evening was the Block Party at the Phoenix.  Here is a link to the page to see all the pictures.

Phoenix Block Party 2-20-04

Easy Bear Contest 2-21-04

Mardi Gras Pics 04
Same as below, but G rated

X rated Mardi Gras Pics 04
Adult Check required

LUEY Party in Houston, TX 04



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