IML 2008

May 22 to 26, 2008

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Thursday, May 22, 2008 Picking their Numbers

Leather Mart Pics

Saturday, May 24, 2008 Pecs and Personality Contest

Sunday, May 25, 2008 IML Contest

To the best of my knowledge

Here is the Contestant List

At time of publishing, We did not get a list.
This list is put together by my writer and the Photos


1 Ross Wood Mr. Los Angeles Leather Los Angeles, CA LA Leather Coalition, Black and Tans

2 David Howell Mr. Oklahoma Leather Tulsa, OK Leather Seekers Asso.

3 Scott Mallinger Mr. Phildelphia Leather 2008 Philidelphia, PA The Bike Stop

4 Michael Albracht Mr. Indiana Leather 2008 New Orleans, LA Lords of Leather

5 Griff Morgan (Ken Christmas) Mr. Gay Days Leather Central Florida

6 Russ Coulter Mr. Kentucky Leather Louisville, KY

7 Freddie Marshall Mr. Chicago Leather 2008 Chicago, IL

8 Ryan (Tyger) Yoshinaga Mr. Central CA Leather Fresno, CA Knights of Malta

9 Ron Balos Mr. San Francisco Leather San Francisco, CA

10 Jon Stojinc Mr. Northwoods 2007/2008 Green Bay WI 

11 Sir Liam Mr. Iowa Leather 2008 Des Moines, IA Blazing Saddle

12 Randall Davis Mr. Leather Cowboy Detroit, MI Diamond Jims

13 Kristopher DeBlase Mr. Maryland Leather 2008 Baltimore, MD C.O.M.M.A.N.D. MC.

14 Matthew Pavelich Mr. Leatherman Toronto Toronto, Canada Leatherman Toronto Competition

15 Donald Palmore Mr. MidStates Leather Cincinnati, OH Mid States Leather, Serpent Bar

16 Kelly Courtney Mr. Cell Block Leather Chicago, IL Cell Block, Bears like us

17 Scott Melton Mr. Ramrod 2007 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Ramrod Bar

18 Brian Heinen Mr. Dixie Belle Leather Kansas City, MO Missie B's, Bootleggers

19 Peter Schwartz Mr. Eagle NY City 2008 New York, NY Eagle NYC

20 Jeffery Kleinsorne Mr. Leather Michigan Detroit, MI R&R Saloon

21 Juan Ramon Alfaro Mr. Texas Leather 2008 Dallas, TX

22 Kenneth Anthony Mr. Celblock Phoenix Leather, Phoenix, AZ Cellblock, Tuff stuf Leather

23 Jake Anderson Mr. Bolt Leather 2008 Sacramento, CA

24 Mike Anderson Mr. Calgary Eagle 2008 Calgary Canada

25 Desmond Poeorotto Mr. Hayes Valley Leather 2008 San Francisco, CA Martera's Bar

26 Martin Cedergren Mr. Leather Europe 2007 Stockholm, Sweeden

27 Charlie Schoenherr Mr. Mid West Leather 2008 St. Louis, MO Bad Dog Saloon, St Louis Boys of Leather

28 Chris Grasso Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather Washington, DC Centaur MC.

29 Scott Nash Mr. Colorado 2007 2008 Denver, CO CO, Foundation

30 Ole Bisgaara Mr. Leather Denmark 2007 Denmark S & M Copenhagen, Homoware

31 James Finley Mr. Detroit Eagle 2008 Detroit, MI Detroit Eagle

32 Martin Grimm Mr. Bavarian Mr. Leather Munich, Germany Munich Lowen Club

33 Richard Hubley Mr. Leather Ottawa 2008 Ottawa, Canada Ottawa Knights

34 Joe Barlow Mr. Boston Leather 2008 Boston, MA Ramrod, The bike shop

35 Lee Butler Mr. San Diego Leather 2007 San Diego, CA San Diego Leather Pride, City Rose Prod. Ult Body Gym

36 Hunter (Eric Olson) Mr. Russian River Leather 2008 Guernville, CA Russian River Resort

37 Alexander Rose- Grein Mr. Leather Baden-Wurttem 08 Stuttgart, Germany MS Connection Laura's Club, Boots Bar, Eagle Stuttgart

38 Gylan Green Mr. WA State Leather 2007 Seattle, WA Mr.& MS Leather Organization

39 Tony Kaleta Mr. C-Men Leather 2007 West Hollywood, CA CA Men Enjoying Nature

40 Alex Holmes Mr. DC Eagle 2008 Washington DC DC Eagle

41 Bob Firth Tessier Mr. Cuir Montreal 2008 Quebec, Canada Inseam clothig in Boston, MA

42 C.J. Smith Mr. Club XS Leather 2008 York, PA Club XS

43 Don Sir Mr. Long Beach Leather 2007 Long Beach, CA Pistons Bar

44 Frank Casper German Mr. Leather 2008 Berlin Leder--und Fetisch, Recon, Rob Berlin, Mr. B's Leather

45 Russ Woolmore Mr. Hoist 2008 London England Hoist London

46 Pedro Diaz Mr. Gulf Coast FL Leather 2008 Tampa, FL Gulf Coast Leather, Lounge 7.14, The Forge

47 Gary Iriza Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2008 Palm Springs, CA PSLOD, Barracks Bar, Gear

48 Paul Stag Mr. Leather UK London United Kingdom Hard-On Clubs

49 Dwayne Farr Mr. Missouri Leather 2008 St. Louis, MO Gateway MC, JJ's Clubhouse, Barbdwyr

50 Ben Brown Jr. Mr. Oregon State Leather 2007 Portland, OR

51 Randy Wrisinger Mr. Michigan Leather 2008 Grand Rapids, MI MI Leather Weekend Org.


Boot Blacks

Bootdog Castro Valley, CA Country Leather Corps

Boy Matt Columbus OH Woofs Columbus, The Graphic Touch

Fuzzybuns Palm Springs, CA Sidewinders Bar, Bear Wear etc.

Pup Sparkie St Louis, MO St Louis Boys of Leather

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