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All lists are monitored.  Please do not even try to send a personal ad or try to sell something.  It won't go through.  Sorry, but you laying with your face burried in a pillow in room 69 at the motel sex hotel, is NOT a Gay Event!

Since the group is moderated, don't expect it to go out on the list right away.  It may take up to 2 days if I'm not around a computer.  (which is rarely)

All lists are for special Events.  Do not send anything that is a weekly happening unless this is the first posting of this event.

All events should include the city and state they are in, date and times the event takes place.

Get it right the first time.  I'm not going to send out 100's of corrections for the same event.

Do not Forward messages.  Copy and Paste them.  And get rid of all the <<<< or >>>>>.

Events must be sent at least 3 or more days in advance. People need time to schedule themselves. The Media Group must be 30 days in advance.  Many news papers only come out once a month and it would be too late for them to put it in the paper.

Do not advertise any other groups on these lists.  This is an event list and NOT a place to get more mail.

All messages MUST include a subject.  Make sure your posting has a subject heading that best describes your event.

NEVER use key words like:  Viagra, callias, spam, for sale, drugs, and etc.  This usually is spam and is deleted before I even see it.

Bear, Leather and Cowboy events are for major events only.  These lists go to people all over the world and would not be interested in something like a beer bust in Pakoopsie nowhereville.  Only major events such as: Bear Hunt, Rodeos, IML, Regional contests and etc. should go to the appropriate list.

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